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Jamie Chooser(non-registered)
Great portfolio Connie, love your Wedding shoots the most. So many beautiful couples.
Long time no chat, Officer Etter! How are you? How is your son's city coming along? Send pics! You do own a camera, yes? Or you know how they work on smartphones, don't you?

Because I need to figure out how to take better pix of my feebly listings, and I am horrible at shutterbuggery. You are an expert, hence the unfunny joke prior to this graf, which is a bad word to use in ascribing any attribute to oneself in the presence of our proud occifers who serve and protect our community. Sorry, ma'am.

Check out new KFC and trying to figure out how to do a Subway. ... Hope to hear from you, know that I am your first follower on feebay.


Troopers are our best protection advocate eron703
Johnny Solace(non-registered)
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