I'm a photographer in Martinsville, Indiana. I love to create floral ARTWORK AND LASTING MEMORIES with my camera!! I specialize in High School Senior portraits.

"Photography, to me, is a way of conveying the beauty of the world through my eye and lens. To discover this beauty I look for little details. Many times it is just about changing perspectives, using the light. Getting down on my knees, lying down on the ground, shooting up or shooting down. You will be surprised about what you will perceive, how the daily and ordinary suddenly reveals the mystery of being deeply touched and embraced by beauty, light and perspective. A lot of imagination blended attention to detail and education makes for wonderful images!"

I seek to create memories that will tell a story. I hope at least one of my images will make a lasting memory for you!

As you can see my other passion is nature! I try to focus on the little things you may normally miss in your busy lives. God has given me my own special piece of nature in my backyard.

Contact me if you would like to set up a photo session. I would love to create memories of a lifetime for you!


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